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Updated: 12 April 2011

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The UZI introduced the 'wrap around bolt', enables a relatively short gun to house a barrel long enough to give reasonable accuracy up to 200 meters. The magazine's posititon in the handgrip makes it much easier to change in the dark, a familiar problem with older SMGs such as the Brithish Sten gun. The UZI is a first-class weapon for close quarter fighting.
Heckler & Koch MP5
When the SAS stormed the Iranian Embassy in London in 1981, TV viewers in the UK saw the MP5 in action. Another version of this increasingly popuplar weapon equips the police units deployed to Gatwick, Heathrow and other British air terminals after the 1986 atacks on Rome and Vienna airports. The MP5 is a far more complex weapon than the UZI an a good deal more expensive, but it is probably the most accurate sub-machine gun in the world.
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