Use of the Body's Natural Weapons to Kill or Disable.

Attack to windpipe. To Kill
Attack point where nose joins skull To Kill
Attack Temple To Kill
Attack Spleen To Kill
Attack Vertebraes in Neck To Kill
Attack Kidneys To Kill
Attack Solar Plexus To Kill
Attack Carotid Artery To Disable
Attack Ear Drums To Disable
Attack Point of Chin To Disable
Toe Kick to Temple To Kill
Heel Crush (Stomp) to Base of Spine To Kill
Heel Crush (Stomp) to lower Rib Cage To Kill
Toe Kick to Heart To Kill

Kick to Groin Disable
Kick to Hip Disable
Kick to Shin Disable
Kick to Knee Disable
Knee to head Disable
Stomp to arch of foot Disable
Knee to Groin Disable

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