Wanted for Murder

and other

Crimes against Humanity

Osama bin Laden

"Our enemy is every American male, whether he is directly fighting us or paying taxes." bin Laden at Doha, Qatar.

Reward: $25,000,000 USD

Pakistan says there is sufficient evidence to indict bin Laden for the attacks, the strongest such statement from a Muslim country.

Authorities say 4,986 people missing at the World Trade Center and 369 confirmed dead. Death tolls unchanged at Pentagon (189) and at Pennsylvania crash site (44).
  'Bin Laden bought nuclear weapons'

by Jeremy Campbell
Intelligence officers in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakstan have warned the US that Osama bin Laden has been buying nuclear weapons from the Russian mafia, it was reported today.
The Russian foreign ministry has rebutted a story in the Washington Times that the Russian criminal underground is supplying Bin Laden with the means to build weapons of mass destruction.
Richard Butler, former United Nations weapons inspector, said in a TV interview yesterday: "A nuclear terrorist threat from Bin Laden, by way of the Russian criminal underground, is a reality."
Evidence against Osama bin Laden

British Evidence Statement

The Protectors of Osama bin Laden

bin Laden is hiding out in Afghanistan as a guest of the Taliban.

To wage war will be extreemly difficult. But it is not impossible. These people can not be reasoned with. They will only stop when we are all dead or Muslim.

bin Laden views every American Male has his enemy. He will not stop until we are all dead. We have no choice but to eliminate the threat.

Afghanistan has proved to be one of the toughest places on earth to wage war. Its brutal geography and battle-hardened locals resisted occupation by Russia and Britain for centuries.

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